How Our Platform Works

Secure, innovative and user friendly platform for buying and selling online services.


Let us know what you need and we will provide you with quotes from several Namllat Providers. This allows you to search providers, compare prices, read other customers’ feedbacks and hire the right Provider via the Namllat Platform.

1. Signing Up

Registration and using Namllat Platform is totally free. After successfully completing your registration, and confirming your account with a registration link that will be sent to your email, you then have access to share your need to the Namllat Community.

3. Searching for Provider

Additionally, our AI engine enables you to quickly search for a list of Providers by inputting major Keywords in your project. For example, if you have a Plumbing Problem you need help with, you may just input and search for a Keyword like “Plumbers”, and the AI engine will provide you with a List of Providers near you.

5. Money transferred

After the project has been done to your satisfaction, you will be required to pay by transfer PayPal. Namllat developed a Unique model that will help you to secure your money and the best level of services, because we have all the data and rating of providers. You can claim your problem online and Namllat system will try to make suitable resolution to you and in some cases suspend the Provider’s Account.

2. Posting a Service Request and Receiving Offers

After you have selected a model of services, you can then Share your project needs and indicate the specific skills that may be required and you will get a response within maximum of 30 minutes. Namllat’s AI engine enables available Providers to search for and submit their proposals, and you then discuss your requirements in full details via a chat with anyone you select among them.

4. Hire the right Provider

Either way you choose to hire a Provider, the Namllat’s AI system supplies you with the Providers’ profile which includes ratings and contact information. You only have to make a choice and select anyone among them.

6. Rate the Provider

Rate the Provider and your experience becomes public. This helps us improve the quality of our community.

Service Providers

Namllat Platform helps your business flourish by networking you with the right customers. Customers submit their needs and they get a lot of custom offers. To view the job offers is totally free, however, to respond and submit job offers is also free.

1. Signing Up

Register on Namllat for free. After successfully completing your registration, and double confirming your account with a registration link that will be sent to your email. By following step by step registration and uploading all necessary documents, in addition to setting your pricing standardization, you can then have your account created in the Namllat community.

3. Send a Quote

You will be required to respond to the customer with a quote or a proposal. The system will by default include your profile, customer reviews and ratings, and contact data. An exception to this, however, is the case of not performing the task.

5. Get Paid for service rendered

You get paid by the customer by transfer PayPal upon successfully completing a job. As a Provider, you get accredited once the approves the job is done, and you will be charged a percentage rate of 15% plus VAT. Additionally, a certain transfer service fee will be charged from your account on bank withdrawal.

2. Check for available tasks

Search for available job offers that match your professional experience from localized Customers on the Namllat Platform, and receive automatic notification for any job matches your skills.

4. Rate/Reply the Customer

You would be required to Rate and Reply to the customer’s feedbacks and let other Providers know about your experience.