We are creating a world of Services without limitations!

NAMLLAT is a secure and trustful link between Providers and Customers. It was established to ease customers’ lives and help them find the right provider with the best price.

Specifically, Namllat is a community platform connecting two categories of community members. Firstly, members who need to outsource any services need “Customers.” The second category is community members, “Corporate or Registered Freelancers” looking to earn more money as part-time Providers.

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A World of Opportunities

Through Namllat, businesses get more done; Customers can view the average costs of projects, find local shortlisted professionals, and agree on an appointment online. Equally, we recommend that you check some feedback from both ends, from their past experiences, reviews, and several tasks. Our well-scrutinized Providers are full-time experts with companies or individual professional freelancers certified to work under UAE Local Government law. This equally enables us to offer satisfactory services at the most competitive rates. Namllat makes it fast, easy, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay the best professionals at any time. We focus globally on creating Namllat local Platforms in many countries; this will come SOON.


Our vision is to create EASE with transparency and a reliable, secured Service Platform for Customers by making proficient providers available through the Namllat Platform, achieving success optimally for both parties.


We create networking between Customers and Providers through our online platform. We have a mission to create economic opportunities for users to enjoy better lives and be the best online Service Platform in the world.


“By putting our community first, we provide a Networking Platform that inspires a boundless future of work.”